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Brand Direction: Nicole Ostoya 

Product Developer: Christina Lozano 

Implementation team: Gold Grenade

The New Black knows that real fashion comes from the street, it is in the wind, in the mix, in your dreams, in your imagination, on your mind, it is on the way...We bring you high-quality nail polish in fashion-forward colors. Thanks to our color curated, pre-edited sets it is easy to follow the latest trends or to start your own. The New Black formula is vegan-friendly and free of camphor, DPB, formaldehyde, and toluene. In other words, our goal is to make color easy, fun and healthy!


 The New Black launched in 2012. Our claim to fame was the launching with The Original Ombre collection that consisted of 5 gradient polishes to achieve the hot trend "ombre nails." The brand launched in Sephora Canada, and Nordstroms. The brand received high recognition by the blogger and nail artist community on a growing app, Instagram. 

Before the days of influencers, bloggers were hot on becoming what we now call influencers. The New Black partnered with two blossoming (now huge) nail artists to create a co-branded collection called Digital Underground. Other collaborations included a curated 4-set collection with Demi Lovato, expanding the footprint of the brand into Ulta Beauty. 


The brand quickly grew the number of SKU's overnight ending their second season with 225 shades packaged in various options. 

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